2004 X3 X5

Simplicity of shape, simplicity of function, simplicity of use.
These are the concepts Aethra entrusted us with at the beginning of an evolutionary path aimed at energizing Aethra’s new corporate strategy.
An essential design conceived for an international audience, the right union between functionality and shape.
The result were the soft lines, the care for technical and ergonomic details, the advanced functional solutions, the choice of eco compatible materials and, especially, the idea to use the case as a functional element; it became the radiator for cooling the electronic avoiding the use of an inner fan and reducing noise (very important in a conference room), possible faults and consumption.
All of these enhance the value of the product well beyond its technological content and they affirm Aethra’s mission and values.
VEGA X3 and X5 are High quality video conferencing set-top Highest Quality. Easy to configure. Flexible, simple [...]
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