2008 Xtreme 300

Xtreme 300 by Aethra is the enhanced HD video conferencing system with top of the range performances: from set-top to the customized camera, from Graphic User Interface to the new remote control.
The chance to design all system components at the same time allowed us to make a real holistic project looking for ease of use and simplicity.
The high experience of Aethra and the focus on innovation make Xtreme 300 a perfect system to maximize HD video communication.
It is characterized by refined design in each detail carefully studied for a pleasant and refined video communication experience.
Extreme Performances and excellent quality and we even thought to make the product sustainable due to the use of recyclable materials and energy saving silent technologies. All of these enhance the values of the product well beyond its technological content and they uphold Aethra’s mission.
It proves to be very popular among business, education, government and [...]
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