2008 Xtreme 300

telemedicine users. The research done on X3/5 products was utilized with this product too and even improved using an aluminum frame plus aluminum decorated side panel sandwiches mounted.
That is improving heat dispersion and efficiency and reducing costs and investments with a better aesthetic finishing.
Some new smart features and options help the consumer to use the product horizontally or vertically allowing a good cable organization and security.
Xtreme 300 also features a completely renewed and enhanced Graphic User Interface: the Aethra Xtreme 300 is very simple to set up and use.
GUI was designed to be simple, immediate and graphically elegant, extremely easy to use also thanks to the combined design of the new remote control. Several transparency levels for menu and information, video images in full screen, colored buttons to access the most used functions.
Properly designed remote push buttons make use and configuration quick and easy. We created [...]
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