2007 Webby 1

It was the output of an innovative product concept generated in cooperation with Promelit about a new device for a fast access to basic internet functions without any pc or specific competence.
It was also promoted as ideal platform for merchandising, sponsorship and it offers opportunities and benefits for service providers enabling them to expand the internet customer base, selling more broadband connections and services and target a wider audience in different areas and times of the day.
It was successfully produced and bought by largest internet service providers in Europe like Sfr, Vodafone, and Telecomitalia.
WEBBY utilizes widget applications to provide users with various information such as news, weather, stock market, traffic reports, world music and much more, all through a touch of the screen.
Everyone can use WEBBY, anywhere home or at the office, even if they don’t have a computer.
Its friendly look was derived by the initial concept [...]
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