2000 Polly

Polly is a dustpan optionally provided with brush; it was designed with particular care to the homework needs.
Its handiness and quality are distinguishing features.
Different solutions were searched for while developing the product, though conceptually very simple, to improve details that are very important not only to styling: proper functionality was one of the goals achieved.
Its functional characteristics are the ergonomic handle due to its heist positioning and the easy hookup of dustpan and brush designed to protect hands from dirtiness.
The comb on the right border enables a fast cleaning of the brush or broom.
The rounded shape of Polly which is closed and capacious makes easier to pick up the dust and avoid dispersion – whereas its high glossy finish is helpful for cleaning the dustpan after using it.
The external side of the dustpan, different from the glossy and mirror inside is textured in order to reduce the deterioration while using [...]
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