1995 Q-Box

At the beginning the company objective was the renovation of styling and details for a well consolidated technical product made of fiberglass.
When we started we tried to think of the real need and use of this product: it is working in a very critical environment, it is subjected to heavy crashes and improper use but needs to work always perfectly because it must guarantee the workers’ life safety.
We designed a very innovative product, we thought about the strongest material that should be flexible to resist to high impact but even durable, strong and easy to clean. We added all details and components that increase the usability and ergonomics: from strong handles to easy to use lock for the cables, from hooks to fix the product in different ways to easy positioning of safety controls.
The product is easy to wash from cement and any kid of heavy dirtiness but even protected from water spilling.
The result was a very highly successful range of [...]
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