2002 Masterys

The product distinguishes itself by a strong characterized style that well expresses the brand values and present trends in design style.
The formal characterization is shown by the emphasis on the constitutive elements: control area, air inlets, handle for security operations, always looking for consumer satisfaction and proper ergonomy.
The project was completed through a deep study of user interface and we introduced the status line that used on all socomec products shows even at distance the three main statuses of the product: ok, advice, alarm.
This product pursues the same visual language used on other socomec products and consolidates the brand image of Socomec based on square surfaces.
The concept of vertical modularity, already used very successfully by Socomec on other existing products is shown by its modular design.
The flexible modular system ‘no single point of failure’, due to the redundancy of these components is proper for the [...]
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