2000 Modulys

The design expresses the innovative concept of real modular upgradeable ups.
It was the first product designed by paolovilladesign for Socomec and at that time our effort was to create a new visual language that should perfectly suit the specific needs of that product, as well as be the basic language to use for the future generations of products.

From the existing oval characterization we moved to the square geometry shape; square because it is more rational, more technical, more simple and of course perfectly modular.
The entire product architecture was based on the use of square geometry that even allows to rotate the control panel for horizontal or vertical use.
The strong plus of that product was the modular construction; different functional modules can be added to a basic frame and we intended to highlight it crating a front panel where each module can receive a graphic panel showing the component used. The result was a very original and [...]
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