2010 Fenice

When we started this project we didn’t have a blank paper. The brief of SF was very precise and most of the technologies used had already been selected.
We also had a heavy store of traditions related to the brand values that we couldn’t ignore. The aim was to create the new reference absolute speaker, produced in limited series, which would be the archetype of a new generation of products.
We wanted to redesign and reconsider everything from head to foot; we thought that some of the items that are commonly used in this kind of product can be totally redesigned. This project was to steer all the knowledge and technology of Sonus Faber into the future, but it had been clearly specified to keep some of the core values of the brand like the traditional materials, the accurate craftsmanship, the unique construction methods.
We wanted the new product to have all the innovations that the latest audio knowledge and technologies could grant. We started [...]
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