2011 Carbonium crutches

This crutch is an advanced tool designed for those with limited walking ability because of permanent or temporary reasons.
It is the first time that a crutch has been designed with an holistic approach in mind, not just as a walking aid but as a life aid for
people that, despite the specific difficulties, want to have a standard life: a wide range of accessories help the user during everyday life
like the led lamp mounted in the front handle and controlled by the thumb or during specific or sports activities like straps or hand protections.
This carbon crutch had been developed based on the Tompoma Z shape concept and thanks to this peculiar shape it is a perfect aid for walk and it is easy to park when you’re not using it.
The high tech materials used for its construction make it extremely light and robust.
It can be fully adjusted for length, angles and width.
A unique and simple mechanism allows the user to extract a metal tip to be used when [...]
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