We believe in simplicity, we believe that we need more ideas and less material, weight and energy.
We need sustainable products because the environment urgently asks for it.
We need less supply and deeper cleverer global solutions.
We need the essentials and less waste.
Our design aims to be a part of the necessary answers for the daily life and looking beyond the present demands.

We believe in beauty, we believe that design has a critical dominant rule in caring for the beauty of our environment and life.

Our professional contribution focuses on those aspects of the product or system that relate most directly to the human characteristics, the real needs and interests, as well as the cultural values and emotions of the final user.

To shape the customer experience, we first walk in the customer’s shoes. Empathy inspires us.
We shape the product concept through observing users and their environments and learning about their behavior, their preferences and their needs.
Our contribution is based on a specialized understanding of visual, tactile, safety and convenience criteria.

We design and develop each of our products to make people feel good - about using it, holding it, looking at it, owning it.