Our service range covers the entire product development process. We have defined methodologies and strategies in how to innovate, design, develop, and implement products. Our experience runs broad and deep, from low volume instruments to high volume consumer oriented devices.
We analyze and clarify strategic business objectives and research results with respect to product design, branding and manufacturing constraints and opportunities (brief analysis, concept studies, validation, market and trend analysis, brand strategy, product strategy).
We develop clear, functional, ergonomic, aesthetic criteria (human factors, ergonomics, usage, attitudes, etc.).

We develop a range of selected concepts and help clients in the selection process (testing and evaluating concepts against established criteria). We define the form factors of the product that address image, psychological and aesthetic criteria.
We design all interface elements, including hardware and software control layout.
We are trained to prepare clear and concise recommendations through drawings, models and verbal descriptions.We build models for concept verification. We build 3D computer models, appearance and functional models for detail refinement.

We design product logos and apply all branding and functional graphic elements to the product.

We perform comprehensive color analysis and studies and specify colors, materials and textures.

Through our sister companies we can design packaging and in parallel offer the production implementation of the product.